Viktor Wynd

In Homage to Diether Roth's Self Portrait as a Portion of Mixed Salad.

Susanna Cappellano writing in Italian Vogue in summer 2010 (mis)quoted Viktor Wynd as saying "I was never born and I will never die." Clearly he has always struggled with his own identity and sense of who he is and isn't, even his name has been fluid, over the years he has had many visions of himself, whoever that is, or was, some of which he has tried to create - from hanging by a noose, naked and bound in a vast empty warehouse, to a strange Promethian, pan like figure, often painted gold, perhaps holding a dead Ophelia in his arms, as Chatterton in his death, as an artist constantly in tears…

Over the past 10 years Viktor Wynd has made multiple, if somewhat futile, attempts to work out who he is, and to escape from himself, tried out different names, cities, careers, sexes, friends, books, music, countries and more. Always returning to the inescapable fact that he is who he is and he can not, however much he might want to, be someone else. Whilst much of the energy has gone into the performative elements of trying to be someone else he has continued to produce images of himself in different guises as he might have been, or might still be should he ever succeed in escaping from himself.