Viktor Wynd

Why let death get in the way of a good conversation?

Viktor Wynd had always been fascinated with Séances and longed to go to one and experience ectoplasm, possession, spirit drawing, wobbling tables and voices from the other side - but he was never invited to one so he decided to find a medium and organize Seances. The first séance took place on Tuesday the 1st of May 2007 at 43 South Molton Street, W1 and was introduced by Philip Hoare.

Later, on the 21st of July 2007, it appeared at the Port Eliot Literary Festival where prominent British Pataphysician, Publisher of The Daily Twit, and acclaimed arthouse film director Magnus Irvin presented an authentic Victorian Séance.

Then in October of that year, Mr Irvin with the help of his long term collaborator and portal to the after life, Ms Margot Forbes, famously returned the Caf#233; Royal to its spiritualist heyday of the 1890's to 1930's, when the likes of Arthur Conan Doyle would chat for hours with Aristotle and Plato, engaged in the most fashionable pastime of its day. Ms Forbes with the help of her Indian spirit guide and Mr. Irvin himself, produced an unforgettable evening full of theatrical incident, uncanny spectacle, and deep insights into our own, real, spiritual malaises. Whilst tables wobbled and levitated, strange voices and presences appeared and disappeared, and real ectoplasm vividly expelled from the medium's soul, the truly surprising results of Ms. Forbes' transcendental communication revealed absolute physical proof of the existence of the afterlife. The Séances are still going and conducted, for the present, on an irregular basis, by Richard Wiseman

The Séances have had a long and chequered history attracting a cult following and much, somewhat misleading, press coverage