Viktor Wynd

…what did the onion juice do? It did what the world and the sorrows of the world could not do: it brought forth a round, human tear. It made them cry. At last they were able to cry again. To cry properly, without restraint, to cry like mad. The tears flowed and washed everything away. The rain came. The dew. Oskar has a vision of floodgates opening. Of dams bursting in the spring floods… - Oskar Matzerath in The Tin Drum by Gunter Grass.

You know at parties people are supposed to be happy - Lermontov, on first meeting Vicky Page in The Red shoes.

What Colour Was Your first Toothbrush? - Viktor Wynd.

Primo Crying Club d'Europa - RAi.

so come- just one more time,
let me cry with you,
let me in where it's beating,
i want to shake and i want to dance,
for this is your pain and and not mine
and my way of saying

I am Free
I am Free
- Viktor Wynd.

"Loss; an Evening of Exquisite Misery" was a nightclub founded by Viktor Wynd with David Piper in 2005 as a 'pataphysical reinterpretation of Gunter Grass's fiction Onion Cellar nightclub in the tin drum - where the drummer boy Oscar plays the saddest jazz in a damp basement whilst patrons chop onions and cry. It took place in a variety of locations - normally underground but also in an old church and a pigeon fanciers loft in Covent Garden. Each venue was transformed into a temple of misery, flowers were rescued from the bins at new covent garden and hung sad & battered from the ceiling, tables were covered in crushed velvet and piled deep with fresh fruit and vegetables, dead animals and broken children's toys. Patron's stuck rigidly to the dress code "Decaying Beauty" and flocked to listen to the saddest performers - including live music from Fado Bands, String Quartets, Jazz & Blues, patrons were fined £1 for smiling by a roving host with a smile box and at midnight Viktor Wynd would first hand out specially made tear shaped chopping boards, then knives, then onions before preaching a sermon on the need to cry to a tearful audience. A desk was reserved for people to bring and sign their divorce papers. The night was enormously popular and garnered huge amounts of international media attention across every form of media from tv & radio to broadsheets, glossies and the web.

Viktor Wynd Wrote of the party:

Loss; Some Reasons To Party" I've said it before and I'll say it again, I don't understand this world, I don't know what it means, I don't know why I'm here, but I'm even more bemused by you. I'm fascinated, obsessed by you, but I don't know who you are and I can't understand you and you don't let me get close enough to know, so I have to think that we're all alike, that you're just another me, lost and miserable and lonely hiding behind a carapace, a thick exoskeleton that protects you from collapsing in a crying heap of misery, despair and desolation. What is this world and why are we here? But I want to understand, I want this world, this life to have meaning, if we are all alike and if I look deep enough into myself I should find you there, or at least someone there who you can recognize. That is my hope, it may be a forlorn hope but it's my only hope so I hope it'll do.
Loss was never an event that just happened, there was always a reason, there was always a particular chime of misery that inspired it, it was always about me, I was always hoping that I wasn't the only one who felt that way and asking others as sad and lonely as me to come and share my pain.
So it was always produced in relation to a disaster in my own love life, though an early one was cancelled when I fell in love with a beautiful girl in paris