Viktor Wynd

Viktor Wynd has always seen the place he lives as an ever changing installation or collage, in his Paris flat his ferret Leon, always busily stealing and hiding socks, would be watched over by a suspended rocking horse, with a 6 inch luminous prince as it's unicorn's horn, ridden by a baby, in Miami the door to his loft was labelled "Alcoholics Conspicuous - Miami Branch - Weekly Meetings Every Monday, Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sunday" inside a castle was built to house his roommate Wade Crescent.

In 2005 after moving back to London Viktor Wynd obtained a long lease on a large derelict warehouse space in east London and transformed it into a vast collage, ferns, palms and orchids abound, pictures cover the walls and knickknacks cover every surface, frequently it is only accessable through a narrow corridor as papers and rubbish build up, during a clean up in summer 2010 over 30 black bin liners of rubbish were removed - including unopened letters stretching back to 2005. These photos were taken by (& remain copyright of) Andreas von Einsiedel for a three page feature in The Evening Standard in January 2011.