Viktor Wynd

Project in development - in need of sponsorship/support.

Viktor Wynd
Chancellor of
The Last Tuesday Society
Philosophy in the Bedroom
Curl up in bed with Viktor Wynd & learn about the facts of life.


The Last Tuesday Society is a subversive 'Pataphysical organisation, hailed recently by the Guardian for it's "inoffensive offensive against London nightlife" putting on literary talks where you'd least expect them, parties celebrating sadness and such like pandemonium. The Society aims to build on it's considerable experience to create it's biggest, grandest, most epic and at the same time ludicrous project yet, combining the sublime with the ridiculous, the very serious with the very silly, the educational with the enjoyable, the learned with the social, the party with the lecture theatre…

The central conceit is to take The Marquis de Sade's famous book literally, to domesticate and make accessible the ivory tower and academe, to take the search for the meaning of live out of the university, the scholarly journal, the unreadable text and place it in a familiar environment - the bedroom. But this will be no ordinary bedroom, taking as it's starting point Baroque Excess - think Stephen Calloway's "Baroque! Baroque!" or Peter Greenaway's "The Cook, The thief, His Wife & Her Lover" a vast space - preferably a warehouse or factory building as raw as possible will be transformed. The centrepiece will be a huge four poster bed, capable of housing maybe as many as 30 people, the rest of the room will be furnished as a bedroom with glorious clutter and an excess of bad taste, kitsch & beauty, with numerous sofas, chairs and the like.

This set, which will be filled with many curious things to divert the guests, will play host to a delightfully curious nightlife experiment; guests will be invited to come and get into bed, in their pyjamas & dressing gowns, and listen to lectures by the world's leading philosophers, thinkers & oddities on the facts of life.